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Asylum Seekers giving Refugees a bad name

NOTE: I originally wrote this for the Daily Telegraph, but understandably, Bush Fire reporting took priority and it didn’t go to print. Asylum Seekers giving Refugees a bad name. Thinking back to WWII, there’s plenty for much of the world to be ashamed of in the way non-combatants were treated, especially Jewish people subject to […]

Are they really asylum seekers?

Are they really asylum seekers? The answer is without doubt, Yes! All of those ending up on Australian soil in an unauthorized fashion are certainly seeking asylum. However as with so many issues, this simple apparently straight-forward question is the wrong question to ask, or maybe not wrong, just incomplete. Arriving by boat or overstaying […]

Illegal immigrants: The disease threat to Australia

Despite all the politics and promises, the fact remains thousands of people continue to arrive illegally in Australia and many more await the opportunity to make the trip. They’ve been called asylum seekers, economic refugees, unauthorised arrivals and country shoppers, but whatever one might call this threat to Australia, knowledge of one particular serious danger […]