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Asylum Seekers giving Refugees a bad name

NOTE: I originally wrote this for the Daily Telegraph, but understandably, Bush Fire reporting took priority and it didn’t go to print. Asylum Seekers giving Refugees a bad name. Thinking back to WWII, there’s plenty for much of the world to be ashamed of in the way non-combatants were treated, especially Jewish people subject to […]

The Dubai dilemma, another barbaric practice we should not accept

On Monday, 22 July, 2013, I was interviewed by Brian Carlton doing the Drive program 3-6pm on Radio 2UE. The subject was the trial in Muslim Dubai of a Norwegian girl who had been raped, but due to the barbarity of that country’s Sharia law, she was found guilty of perjury and illegal sexual activity. […]

Israel’s historic right to existence

I wrote this speech in 2004 when I was a Member of Parliament. It’s as current now as it was then. I look forward to your comments. The Hon. DAVID OLDFIELD [3.14 a.m.]: The recent mysterious death of Yasser Arafat may be construed by some to create even greater instability in the Middle East. However, […]