About David Oldfield

cropped-img_09851.jpgDavid Oldfield is almost uniquely placed to comment comprehensively on a range of subjects socially/politically. He has worked in all three levels of government and been elected to two of those.

David owned his first business at 21, but the red tape and dirt of politics he encountered as a small businessman soon found him elected to Municipal Government where he spent 7 years battling bureaucracy and associated impediments. It was also in those early political days that he was first confronted with the evident dishonesty that is, ‘Political Correctness’ – he immediately became an effective opponent of this new assault on freedom of speech.

Following on from a move to federal politics as Private Secretary to The Hon Tony Abbott MP, David became the best known Political Adviser in Australia – neither before or since has any Advisor garnered the public attention he did in his various roles.

In 1999, David was elected to Parliament and commenced 8 years as the Hon David Oldfield MLC – Americans would relate to this position as a State Senator.

Since retiring from Parliament in 2007, David has been a featured commentator in the media including 5 years hosting his own Mon-Fri Talkback programme – always popular in any time-slot, his overnight programme remains the highest rating, peaking at 32.5%.

David is married to Lisa, a successful business executive who also co-hosted her own 1 hour TV show for more than 250 episodes. David and Lisa have 2 Sons, 3yr old Henry (Harry) and 1yr old Albert (Bertie) – they have a great commitment to animals and share their life with 3 Horses, 2 Jack Russells, 2 Cockatiels, 8 chickens and daily visits by local Wallabies and Cockatoos.

David’s had an active sporting life  – he holds 4 separate Australian titles and remains fit and athletic. He cellars wine, studies history, contributes weekly on TV and Radio and let’s himself have a Dry Vodka Martini fortnightly!

David considers his most important responsibility to be, “Teaching my Boys everything I can”.

Photograph is David with eldest Son, Harry – Quad bike by Honda.


  1. Sandra Giles · · Reply

    What a breath of fresh air!!

    1. Thank you Sandra – most kind. Perhaps you may feel comfortable to point your Friends to some of my articles. Take care.

  2. Lena Hammond · · Reply

    As an avid listener and occasional caller, I was most disappointed when David left at the beginning of this year. He was such an interesting , knowledgeable speaker and I learned a lot from him. I very rarely listen to radio anymore, but read all the articles. Of course, judging by FB he loves his boys and wife to death!

    1. Thank you Lena – appreciated. The right opportunity may return me to radio. Glad you’re taking the time to read my articles. Take care.

  3. Lena Hammond · · Reply

    Like that bit about the radio – fingers crossed!!

    1. Thank you Lena. I’ve learned sometimes things happen unexpectedly.

  4. Hi David, So glad to hear you on 2GB with Ben today.
    Miss sending you my regular Dose Of Dorin. I have had so much to draw about, It has been the Fun Times…I hope Tony and crew doesn’t make it too hard for me to find good drawing material. Great website. Many Thanks Mate, Paul

    1. Thank you Paul. Glad you caught me on 2GB with Ben.

  5. Thanks for the DVD when you were on 2GB.
    It was great to hear your thoughts and insights during your interview with Ben.
    He has become an excellent and persistent broadcaster and the conversation reminded me how much I admired your style.
    All the best to you,Lisa,Harry and Bertie.
    Look after the animals I would really like to share a very dry Vodka Martini with you some day!!

    1. Thanks Wayne. Glad you caught my chat with Ben and good to hear you think well of what he’s doing on 2GB. Appreciate your good wishes. Hopefully an opportunity for a very dry Vodka Martini will arise.

  6. Morning David, If you have an email address, l would love to continue sending you my weekly regular Dose Of Dorin cartoons.
    My Email address pauldorin@ihug.com.au
    Have a great day mate. Regards Paul with pen in hand.

    1. Will do Paul – thank you – Congrats on your work.

  7. Maurice Kuter. · · Reply

    I was really impressed with your performance on ” first contact”. The question I would like to ask is , why are these type of shows always stacked with people with a preset point of view, in this case 5 for one point of view and 1 against. The same thing happened with the show” go back to where you came from”! This to me completely erases against credibility that Ray Martin may have had as a presenter and is just a promo for the ” bleeding heart” lefties that seem to have taken over our media.
    On a positive, I, like you, thought that the work being done at the Coen school was very good and a real model that should be used in many other schools in Australia both indigenous and non-indigenous. Again, impressed with your performance.

    1. Dear Maurice, thank you for your thoughts. In answer to your question, the producers of the series are the children of the late controversial aboriginal activist, charley perkins, so it was always going to be an exercise in shame and guilt – they wanted people they could manipulate so their own agenda would be achieved, but of course had me as the one questioning voice, so as to appear to be balanced, but as you noted, the programme was anything but balanced – there was an agenda before any camera rolled. Yes, Coen is a place of hope!

  8. Brian & Natalie McGee · · Reply

    Congratulations on telling it like it is with the Aboriginals.
    Many believe as you do.

    1. Thank you Brian and Natalie – Sadly, many run from the truth. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  9. Shron McKee · · Reply

    Your wife said she was happy with what you did on First Contact. So are we. Your understandings are far above the average person’s capabilities to comprehend logic and truth. We need people like you to tell it how it is. Congratulations for your honesty and strength in the face of stupidity.

    1. Dear Sharon,

      Thank you for your thoughts and words of support. Sadly, there are quite a few people who have been wildly misled on all things Aboriginal, including many Aboriginal people themselves – others are simply politically correct – none of that is helping Aboriginal people take an appropriate place in 21st century Australia. There has been so much fantasy spread about Aborigines and their way of life, that I feel it is unlikely the truth of their stone-age existence will ever be able to effectively fight its way to the surface – such leaves us all with great difficulties that will probably never be properly addressed and solved. Still, even against the odds, it is correct to make a stand and, “say it how it is”. Perhaps one day, Aborigines will come to terms with the truth about themselves and the need for them to take more personal responsibility for their circumstances – though not holding my breath on that one – too many people working against that outcome.

  10. John Clark · · Reply

    David, most impressed by your restraint and demeanour on FIrst Contact in debating issues with people who refuse to accept reason and logic

    1. Thank you John – very decent of you. I appreciate you taking the time to comment

  11. Thanks for agreeing to appear on the SBS program “First Contact”, David. Although it was largely a lefty exercise in self-loathing and ‘re-eductation’ for those the producers deem to be ‘ignorant bigots’, I thought you stood your ground admirably! You were the life of the program and your articulate demeanour and the logical arguments you put forward certainly ruffled a few feathers!

    1. Thank you Bob – appreciate your kind words.

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