Are they really asylum seekers?

Are they really asylum seekers?

The answer is without doubt, Yes!

All of those ending up on Australian soil in an unauthorized fashion are certainly seeking asylum. However as with so many issues, this simple apparently straight-forward question is the wrong question to ask, or maybe not wrong, just incomplete.

Arriving by boat or overstaying their visa, those involved are seeking our protection from one thing or another, but are they justified in seeking asylum in Australia – now there’s the important question.

By any sensible evaluation, in almost all cases, the answer is emphatically No!

Like all things, it boils down to judging criteria.

Obligations to ‘so called’ human rights, through treaties with the United Nations require we accept any arrivals on the basis of them simply stating, “I am seeking asylum”.

That’s all the difference one needs for treatment as a potential refugee, as opposed to an illegal immigrant. Just say the magic words, “Asylum Seeker”.

These poor desperate souls are fleeing in fear for their lives, well, not really, but many Australians kind of think that’s the case. That there’s an organized desire to kill these people, or at least take all they have and force them to live in terrible persecution and in fear of being killed!

However, large numbers of these people are more in fear of their lives not being as good as they would be if they lived in Australia. That’s an understandable fear given what Australia has to offer, but hardly justification for admission to anyone with the Cash to book a trip downunder!

Criteria, is where the problem begins. Simply establish a ‘well founded’ fear of persecution and that’s how an ‘Asylum Seeker’ turns into a Refugee!

Here’s some insights to persecution: Racial or Religious with such able to also include culture. Then there’s the notion of being persecuted because of your Nationality and being a member of a particular social group is also recognized as able to attract persecution.

Goodness, “persecuted through being a member of a particular social group” – gee whiz, picture how broadly that could be argued!

Oh, mustn’t forget persecution because of your political opinion, yes, that’s right, people who disagree with your view could persecute you! I suffer from that one all the time. Mind you, the ‘Left’ would say a person with my views deserves persecution – yes, they actually are that hypocritical.

Getting the picture? When you hear all Asylum Seekers are judged by strict United Nations’ criteria to determine if they are genuine Refugees, one generally doesn’t comprehend how broad those requirements are.

If one can get to Australia, one is pretty hard pressed not to be able to spin a line that at least will keep you here through years of legal argument (much of it paid by us), and eventually, appeal upon appeal, one beats the system. Not that the system was ever set up to be hard to beat.

Consider these actual examples of reasons/excuses people have put up to gain refugee status and all the prizes that come with that.

Fleeing political persecution in Fiji?

It could be argued democracy is lacking in Fiji, but they’re hardly gunning people down in the street. In fact it remains one of the most popular tourist destinations for Australians. My Wife and Children were there late last year!

Two Pakistanis who claimed to be homosexual and in danger in Pakistan because of their sexuality?

Homosexuality isn’t uncommon in Pakistan and while it’s not something you want to get caught at, this pair were thought to actually be brothers who were just trying it on. Last I heard, they wanted to have sex with each other to prove they really were homosexual.

Two women who claimed if returned to their country, they would be circumcised?

Genital mutilation of females is barbaric and should be outlawed! Indeed, it is outlawed in their country of origin, so their application was based on the possibility that they may be victims of crime! It’s equivalent to trying for refugee status on the basis that there are criminals in your country.

In this case, it should be noted that in the country of origin in question, female circumcision is rare as well as illegal. It’s also illegal in Australia, but still happens.

Just a small sample of quirkier Asylum claims and the gall often involved.

The vast majority of Asylum Seekers just do not fit with what most normal Australians expect, or have been misled into believing.

Remember the classic movie, ‘The Sound of Music’? The Family Von Trapp fleeing bravely on foot over the Alps to escape the terror of the Nazis – now that’s a picture of real refugees!

No-one coming to Australia even vaguely replicates those scenes. One of the most glaring exposures of the nonsense of these claims is that, except for the Sri Lankans, ‘Asylum Seekers’ heading for Australia mostly commence their journey by catching an International Flight with various documents including Passports.

This fact is ignored – it’s as if they get to Indonesia on Camels by some strange secret perilous route rather than a journey including in-flight entertainment and duty free shopping!

In the course of this travel, they cross many safe borders, but none of those places are Australia – none of those places have the welfare, housing, food, education and overall never-ending freebies your taxes and mine dish out. This explains the terms, Economic migrants and Country shoppers.

The Sri Lankans have no sustainable claims, but hell, it’s been shown to be worth a try – I’ve twice spoken personally with the Sri Lankan Ambassador and we’re fortunate they’ll take their citizens back as fast as we can process them.

Of all those who come, perhaps the Afghanis have the best claim, but still some of them are fakers and, as suggested, there are numerous closer easier places to get to than Australia – it’s just those places aren’t as appealing as Australia and given it’s supposed to be about ‘Safety’, appeal shouldn’t count.

The biggest issue I have with the Afghanis is I’m disgusted that young fit military age men keep turning up here while our troops fight and die for them. No Afghanis should be allowed to stay – at most they should be here only on temporary protection.

Further angering is when some Afghanis were determined to be fakers and slotted to be returned, the Afghan government refused to take them back. At that point we should have said, “Ok thanks for that, we’re leaving, fight your own Damn war”!  But no, our Government was more like, “Oh apologies for asking and BTW, we’re fine with more Australians dying for your Freedom”!

All this BS Disgusts me, what about you?

Recent reports suggest a realization that Iranians seeking Asylum have no grounds, but the Iranian government also won’t take them back. Something in excess of 12,000 have arrived so far and we’re stuck with them, even though they’re not genuine.

The message has been clear for years, Australia is a honey pot – if you can get there, you’ll likely get to stay because Australians are weak and filled with misplaced sympathy – they are fools and their government no better.

Wondering about the cost? You’ve heard of the $billions and budget blow-outs, but that’s just the start. The government’s own stats show 93% of arrivals are still on welfare 5 years after landing.

With roughly 50,000 arrivals since PM Kevin Rudd changed the rules, do the maths for yourself – ongoing $billions – dole, medicare, Family assistance, rent assistance, specialized education, disability, sickness benefits………………..…

Compared to an Average Aussie, plenty of this crowd live comfortably on the smell of an oily rag – no incentive to do anything and a government that won’t force them to change. Consider the generational welfare that’ll create in this group?

With more welfare for every child and cultures with a propensity for Families of ten or more, imagine how the 50,000 will multiply – handing over bills we’ll be stuck with forever.

The only hope is to find a way to return as many as possible and to completely restructure the welfare system – without change, just the Asylum Seekers already here will irreversibly harm Australia at least financially and arguably socially as well.


  1. David King · · Reply

    Well thought out & written!

    1. Thanks for reading it David – appreciated.

  2. Many of “asylum seekers” of Third World nations are “economic migrants/refugees” attempting to take advantage of the asylum systems and have paid huge sums of money to people traffickers. For example a question never asked is if Tamils in fear of persecution by Sri Lanka wish to flee to another nation that would embrace them why do they not choose the closest and easiest way by going to India? Why would they need to pay huge sums of money to be transported in unsuitable boats destined for nations of the West in particular Australia and Canada? India’s Tamil Nadu politicians are found speaking on the welfare of the Tamils in Sri Lanka far more than their concern for Tamils in Tamil Nadu so ideally Sri Lanka’s Tamils should seek refuge in India – why are they not, is never asked or answered. Without taking a few kilometer journey through Palk Straits why would they want to travel 5600km to seek refuge in Australia?

    This is where the genuineness of these “refugees” “asylum seekers” have come to be questioned by Australians themselves who do not want to fork out their tax money towards maintaining detention centres when it is clear that most of these people are simply economic refugees attempting to abuse the systems through a cooked up “grievance” ticket. Is Australia willing to entertain people in boatloads who use every source of emotion to bewail their anguish and is this sufficient grounds to determine whether they are telling the truth or simply desiring to make a better living for themselves. It is poignant to note that in 1983 the bulk of those who left as “refugees” to foreign destinations were not victims but who used the confusion of the situation to apply on humanitarian grounds citing destruction to homes and property. The photos produced of destroyed homes were often not even their own – the discrimination cited on the application forms was despite their own Sinhalese friends providing them food, protection and shelter! Do these nations not wonder why it is always those Tamils who live amongst the Sinhalese who apply as refugees or asylum seekers when they have been living far more comfortably than the Sinhalese and that is proved by the rise in numbers of Tamils coming to majority Sinhala areas to live!

    1. Thanks for your points Graeme – we are certainly being taken for a ride by fakers. At least with the Sri Lankans, their Government, unlike others, will take them back, but the processing is still an expense we taxpayers shouldn’t face.

      1. Because Muslims are treated so well in India. I’m sure a refugee would love to go like there.

      2. No reason why they can’t go to Muslim Pakistan or a number of other places – even stay in Indonesia, but no, those places don’t provide the, ‘all you can eat’ welfare buffet of Australia.

    2. What makes you think India or Pakistan would want to accept other people.. They themselves got a huge chunk of the world’s population already… not to mention, corrupt governments (about a hundred times worse than Australia’s), who only think about filling their pockets with the money which is supposed to go for the development of the countries..

      1. I don’t really care about what Pakistan or India want – that’s a matter for them, as indeed it is a matter for us to stop country shoppers from turning up in Australia so as to pop their collective snouts in Australia’s ever diminishing trough.

  3. Edward Infield · · Reply

    Australia has an extremely generous immigration intake. It is being undermined by the “asylum seeker’ “boatpeople”. Genuine refugees in detention camps in Indonesia are being leapfrogged by these opportunists.

    1. Well put Edward. Thank you for your comment.

  4. If boat people can enter our borders just consider how easy it is to invade Australia.Our complacency and lack of vigilance is my greatest concern.

    1. Thank you Daniel. Asylum Seekers have certainly proven the weakness of our border protection.

      1. Ah well just gear up and drop some more bombs on them like your mates in the US army.

      2. Everyone gets a say here, but clearly Dan has misplaced sympathy that impedes his ability to understand the problems created by Asylum Seekers who have no justifiable claims.

  5. I enjoyed your rational argument. I am Iranian, came to Australia on Skilled Migrant visa 10 years ago and now I am an Australian citizen. I read news and blogs from Iran a lot. I am familiar with Iranian internal affairs. I know the economic and social condition is getting worse dramatically, but this is not an excuse to jump in a boat and going to a country illegally. Unfortunately, not many Iranians in Iran are happy with my argument. I have spoken to a lot of them.

    And listen to this story:

    A year ago, my dad called me on the phone and said, a cousin of mine is coming to Australia on a work visa! I said to my dad, dad this is not possible. He doesn’t speak English, he doesn’t have any proper educational background. I knew there’s something wrong in this story, however I said to my dad, he can give my contact details to him.

    I heard that he is here in Melbourne on a protection visa or something similar. He receives an allowance of $1000 a month!!! at the same time he works!!!
    This chap was doing very well in Iran and most probably he receives unemployment money from Iranian Government too plus rental of his property in Iran!

    What is his excuse? He argues that he has converted to Christianiaty and if he goes back to Iran, he will be prosecuted! Absolutely ridiculous! As far as I know he has never been any where close to sprituality or religion in his whole life. I am sorry that Australian Government is being deceived by all these fake claims.

    I am disgusted with all this. I am disgusted that some religous groups assist these fake convertors. I am disgusted that the Australian Government spends tax payer money to feed people like him, when people are struggling for their living. In my work place people are losing their jobs due to economic situation.

    Anyway, sorry I gave you a headache by my story. It was just some thoughts that frustrates me from time to time and I thought I can share it with someone with rational thinking like you.

    1. Bamdad, thank you for your personal insights to the scam being daily perpetrated against Australian taxpayers. I expect there are many good people who came to Australia under similar circumstances to yourself, and like you, they too would be horrified by these country shoppers and their dishonest claims. Good on you for telling it how it is!

  6. George Colta · · Reply

    I totally 100% agree with you. unfortunately this is the case in many western countries.
    I’m an Egyptian Christian who at least once thought about immigrating to Australia, and when I found out that my college degree is not wanted there. and due to the ongoing persecution Christians are facing in Egypt I thought about going for an asylum there. but in order to do that I have to get a touristic visa first and that is quite hard for a single man in my age. I don’t have any relatives there or anything.
    what I want to say that I am with you it’s a honey pot and the list of benefits that you said is true and very appealing, your laws are not only harming Aussies but also don’t give the chance for the people who really need asylum.
    my advice will be to put like a timeline for the people on benefits, if they don’t do what they have to do, then they should be deported. and for the countries that won’t take them back. then I don’t know, maybe put all the expenses that government pays on the debt bill of that country. or put them on a plane and send them back anyway. also for the Christians who suffer from the shitlamic persecution around the world, your government should do more.
    One of my christian friends who has a relative in Australia applied for a touristic visa and he got refused and in the letter they sent him the reason was because he is Christian and the situation in egypt is pretty bad for Christians so that will be a good reason to make us (the Australian embassy )believe that you will not return.

    1. Thank you George – appreciate reading not only your thoughts, but your experience. It’s odd that in reality, Christians fleeing the middle-east likely have a good case for Asylum, but mostly we’re getting muslims leaving muslim countries – just taking advantage of us. Fortunately more and more Australians are catching on, late, but hopefully not too late. I wish you well – be careful.

      1. George Colta · ·

        Thank You, and thanks to Maggie who asked the million dollar question. you guys need to inform others and ask those to inform their friends. God never abandons people who keep trying. it’s never too late.

      2. Thank you for your comments George.

      3. Even some Iranian muslims do not want to live in Iran, because they are non-conservative and dislike the oppresive rules in force by their govt.

        And look at what’s been happening in Syria recently.. i don’t think the Syrian govt has avoided bombing muslims.. infact, everyone who doesnt support the govt is a likely target. This is possibly why you get see muslims fleeing the middle east too..

      4. Thanks for those points DNS. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to leave much of the middle-east, but that doesn’t justify country shopping to Australia. Plenty of safe places in between for genuine refugees, but of course for most it’s not about safety, it’s a question of lifestyle. A desire to improve one’s lifestyle doesn’t make one a refugee. It might reasonably be argued that if any people have a genuine case for getting out of the middle-east, it would be Christians.

  7. Maggie Britton · · Reply

    Informative article and follow up comments……… What can be done? Frankly and sadly I fear we are doomed.

    1. Appreciate your comment Maggie, I very much understand how you feel. We must inform everyone we can – there are changes that must be made. I haven’t given up, hoping you won’t either.

  8. They have set up many gov’t /tax payer payed for, legal community centres, institutions/ businesses /doctors/lawyers /barristers and social welfare / but drain ours first. They have the takeover sewn up… Bye Bye Western civilization , It’s already too late, only the future revolution may save us … So much you haven’t got a clue about … Signed Insider …

    1. Yes lots for us to be concerned about John, I agree. I have some clues John – I did write this article and I’m on the record over a period of more than a decade warning about these matters, but always wanting more information to be shared, so feel free to comment further.

  9. Boo hoo, sniff sniff. Well until our governments worldwide economic policies and policies of military brutality cease. Until we stop sending troops everywhere to protect our interests will we steal their resources. Until we stop funding and supporting brutal dictators and tyrannical regimes people are going to keep wanting to live somewhere else. How about writing an article about the cause and not the effect David?

    1. Dan there is something in what you put here – important points, however none of them justify country shopping by people leaving a life just because it is not as good as Australia. Our capacity to help our own is being diminished by those with no right to come and whom, with few exceptions, will only take rather than making a contribution. We are not responsible for feeding, clothing, housing………….. primitives who are reaping the results of their failed societies.

  10. Edward Infield · · Reply

    It is refreshing to read informed commentary from persons from overseas who are aware of how unscrupulous boat people engage in rorts and frauds. The more information that exposes Australia being taken to the cleaners gets out there the greater possibility of outcry requiring pollies to sit up and take notice. We might be mugs but as far as border protection is concerned the cup runneth over. As Abraham Lincoln observed you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.

    1. Well said Edward – thanks.

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