Sex appeal, being ‘Left’ without it.

abbott scottSo Tony Abbott, Prime Minister in waiting, notes one of his candidates, Fiona Scott, has sex appeal. Is it really that bad a thing to say, is even bad at all?

More elements to this than one article can cover, but let’s do what most in the media and the overall Politically Correct Brigade don’t do, let’s consider from where all this outrage comes and why, while also taking into account, the real world!

In the real world, there are a lot of people of both sexes with little to no sex appeal, but is there anyone who doesn’t want to have sex appeal? The answer of course is largely No!

There’ll be the odd asexual or a few who for other reasons don’t care either way whether they’re attractive or not, but for the most part, large sections of the population do everything they can to exude sex appeal.

The wish to be appealing to others is evidenced in nearly every aspect of our daily lives – the way people dress, do their hair, make-up, the after shave/perfume they wear and the list goes on, even to countless products marketed with sex appeal, so you and I will buy them.

Sex sells and such is even the case sometimes in being successful at work or in applying for a job – being attractive, well presented and having sex appeal, are to a person, what arrows are to a bow – there is a greater impact when they’re put together.

It’s a question of the package, and 95 times out of 100, the person who has the skills and sex appeal, has an advantage over those who only have the skills.

Is it fair that anyone is afforded an advantage by virtue of their looks and or sex appeal, absolutely not, very unfair, but it’s ridiculous and frankly stupid to pretend there isn’t any effect, or to be utterly outraged by the fact of the effect!

The fight to correct this aspect of natural human behavior, Attraction, is the result of extremist feminism – this crowd are kind of like the communists of sexual attraction and typically, the leaders are usually women who feel disadvantaged by attention placed on physical attractiveness, and are merely trying to even the playing field for themselves.

I have some sympathy for this position by the way, it is unfortunate that the genetic lottery can so advantage some people physically; beautiful eyes, skin, figure, hair……, but what attracts us is part of nature, and with history filled with examples, surely sensible people know it’s a very dangerous thing to go against nature.

However, lots of people in the world aren’t very sensible and don’t cope well with somehow having been disadvantaged through no fault of their own.

As noted before, it’s all about what’s seen as, ‘an unfair advantage’, and the drive to correct that. Picture all women, without make-up, hair swept up under a hat and wearing exactly the same drab loose fitting long pants and long sleeve coats.

In theory, there would be no advantage to anyone, because everyone looked the same or close to it – everyone would be ordinary, with no-one allowed to be extraordinary. No apparent sex appeal!

Extreme Islamic women’s apparel achieves this and indeed, removing sex appeal is their goal – the most extreme even hide the eyes with gauze – understandably, as there can be a lot of sex appeal found in one’s eyes.

But sex appeal isn’t just about how one looks, there are the matters of humour, personality, intelligence, goodness and depth of character, even the tone of one’s voice! Extremist Islam has worked that out and hence, women are restricted in when they may speak, to whom and in what they may say.

I wonder just how far the extremist feminists would go with what would be forced on other women, if they had the chance?

Then there’s poor Tony Abbott, whom I arguably know very well. He is, in many respects, simply a real bloke. He’s not all that politically correct and well, he’s a Man, mmm, like men were, and I don’t actually mean that negatively.

Tony Abbott is the epitome of a ‘man’s man’ – he’s stands up, he’s physically tough, one can have a beer with him and get a look at the bloke the way he is – if anything, politics and all its pitfalls have diminished and silenced the real likable and admirable character of Tony.

However, an enemy may wish to portray it, when Tony, off the cuff, said Fiona Scott had some sex appeal, to him, it was a seriously positive thing to say. Frankly, it was just a matter of being honest and recognizing, that in real life, in the real world, having sex appeal is an advantage.

The left raised their collective ire and ran wild in an attempt to brand this simple matter of, ‘unmentionable disallowed fact’, as yet another reason to make sure Tony Abbott is never PM. Using every description possible they tried to paint the image of him being, “personally unfit for the job”.

Without saying it, they hoped it would re-ignite the nonsense of the misogyny allegations among other things – some even suggesting verbally and with images, that he wanted to have sex with this candidate and in that, attempting to portray him as some lecherous sleaze from whom no woman would be safe.

Personally, I could smell their fear and desperation and as is always the case with such vermin, the left have no standards despite always calling for such in their opponents. They no doubt will sink even further as this campaign progresses, but the indignation they trumpet will not be felt by the majority at large and the impact will be nil. Rightly or wrongly, Tony may have even picked up a few votes!

I’ve concentrated here on women, not because sex appeal doesn’t relate to men, but because this instance is one of how men refer to women, and as an issue, it’s driven by women.

Indeed, driven by women, many of whom use their own sex appeal every day, or wish they possessed it so they could use it every day – the matter is surrounded by hypocrisy – women who want the value of women to only count in areas they see themselves as having covered.

Anything another woman has that they don’t have, is an unfair advantage and shouldn’t be allowed. Be it a sparkling personality, a sense of style or genetically based physical beauty, those without such things want others not to have them, while secretly, sometimes not consciously, coveting those very same things. In a word, Jealousy.

For the record, would I have said Fiona Scott or any candidate had sex appeal? No, but I’d expect it would have come up at some stage behind closed doors in discussion of a candidate’s attributes. Parties seek candidates with appeal.

Finally, does anyone really think Fiona Scott found it offensive that the next Prime Minister of Australia believed her to have sex appeal? Seriously, think about it – do you want to have sex appeal? Do you want others to view you as having sex appeal? Would you mind a prominent person stating you had sex appeal? How many people do you know who don’t want to have sex appeal?

Fiona Scott was almost certainly not offended and nor should anyone else be on her behalf.

The Left, so many without sex appeal, but so desperately wishing they had it and hating those who do – hypocrites!


  1. Good on you David – always love your guts in saying what you believe (even if I don’t always agree with you, and no, I’m definitely not a leftie). In this instance, whilst I do endorse your views in principle, there is an added mitigating aspect which you (probably cause you’re a bloke after all) are not really factoring in.
    Women are very touchy about being taken for sex bimbos when (especially in a political context) they are striving for their voice to be heard, rather than just their boobs noted. Now I know you’ll say that’s not what Tony was deferring to here – and I’m definitely not suggesting that he had such an inkling. However, there is a point of issue about terminology: what both you and he (I believe) are really alluding to is rather “aesthetic appeal”, and not, strictly speaking, “sex appeal”. Its a very blokey (if not otherwise generally common) thing to use the latter term far too loosely. In this political scenario though, it had the clumsy effect of taking the connotations into very treacherous territory, particularly for women.

    1. Thank you Cath – appreciate you taking the time. I understand your view and essentially agree, apologies if that wasn’t clear in the article. I did note it a ‘Blokey’ thing and that Tony is very much a bloke. I also pointed out that sex appeal isn’t just about appearance, but also, humour, intelligence, depth of character……, I noted it may be found even in the tone of one’s voice. At the beginning I put that there are too many elements to this matter for one article, so while I looked at a number of aspects, the main point being the outrage over this event is purely politically inspired. But also very importantly, is that it is all over something virtually everyone wants, or wanted at some stage – indeed many are very angry because they don’t have it and never did. I believe you are likely correct in that Tony was referring to aesthetic appeal and in that, in the context, it wasn’t the best thing he could have said. I find it sad that some women these days have an aversion even to the word ‘Lady’, not to mention the idea someone might suggest a female is beautiful, or God forbid, has sex appeal. It’s true that some may construe beauty is all women have going for them and if they don’t have beauty, then they have nothing, but I know, and you probably do too, that Tony Abbott doesn’t think that.

      Again Cath, thanks for your points – it’s a difficult and complex subject.

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