The Dubai dilemma, another barbaric practice we should not accept

On Monday, 22 July, 2013, I was interviewed by Brian Carlton doing the Drive program 3-6pm on Radio 2UE. The subject was the trial in Muslim Dubai of a Norwegian girl who had been raped, but due to the barbarity of that country’s Sharia law, she was found guilty of perjury and illegal sexual activity.

Raped and then sentenced to jail under Islamic law she was unable to prove her case. Proof requires four male Muslim witnesses of high repute, or a confession by the offender.

The question, why doesn’t the Australian Government warn women of the dangers of such laws in Muslim countries? Is the message, if you’re raped in a Muslim country, don’t report it because that will result in you being turned from the victim, into the offender?

Please NOTE: As is common with radio interviews done by telephone, the volume at my end is down – recommend you turn up your volume to hear this interview clearly.


    1. Appalling – the ill treatment of this rape victim continues.

  1. I just listened to your interview: that’s Dubai etc. and I wont fly Qantas ever again who sold their soul to the Emirates, and – so eager to please their new masters already serve no more meat on their flights and will no longer include alcohol in their cooking. But it’s worse, Sharia is already here in Oz – I challenge you to find a cheese without the HALAL stamp on it on Australian supermarket shelves – and – with the complete dereliction of border security by this Labor government, we are letting hordes of these people into our country – unchecked – and facilitated by our nearest neighbour, an increasingly islamisised Indonesia. France is nearly completely Islamised now (but at least one could say they had colonies in arab countries), we, in Oz are well on the way – and we needed not to be. Our safety sacrificed at the altar of Rudd’s and Carr’s ambition to park their bums on the seats of the increasingly discredited UN.
    // end of rant mode.

    1. Ur post is partly incorrect.. you said there is no more meat on their flights? there is, just that its halal.. and oh, alcohol does continue to get served onboard Emirates and Qantas flights…

      And ofcourse, it still gets continued to be served in areas of the UAE itself.

      Oh by the way, some flights to India do not have beef on them.. as it might offend the Hindu majority there..

      1. Thanks DNS. Your comment of course being in relation to Rita’s posted comment rather than my article. Appreciate you checking out my Blog.

      2. @DNS: That was an error by me: I meant to say they serve no more PORK meat – and I said (correctly according Qantas themselves, when they confirmed their new status of Dhimmitude towards Islam the very day after becoming the servant of the Emirates) “no more alcohol in their COOKING.

        As to no beef on flights to India – I take your word for it, however I have not heard of Hindus forcing their religion upon the West the way Islam does.

        Here is more information about the selling-out of a formerly AUSTRALIAN ICON.

      3. Thanks Rita. No-one should be concerned at a choice, religious or otherwise, to not consume certain things, or do certain things, but it is an issue if those people wish to force others to do the same.

      4. Thanks for replying, David and Rita.

        Yes, Rita, further to rules for airlines to follow, there are rules in parts of India which ban the slaughter of cows. I heard that during the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, there was no beef served.

        Stricter Hindus even go a step further and ask for a ban on all other sources of meat.

      5. Thanks DNS. I don’t think such practices by anybody should create a concern unless those people try to force their diet on others unwilling to adhere. Frankly, even though I’m a meat eater, I wish we didn’t have to kill to satisfy that need, but of course that’s the way it is and if a person wishes to abstain from meat then good on them!

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