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Will a new Coalition government sort out our immigration problems ?

In short, the answer is yes, but you probably think I’m talking about the Asylum class Tourists taking advantage of our open borders, and mostly I’m not. While I believe a Coalition Government will take more serious steps to stop boat arrivals, and there are many things that can be done in that area, what […]

Where Kevin Rudd went wrong!

For three years Kevin Rudd ran a well co-ordinated and successful campaign to destroy PM Julia Gillard, so as to allow his own re-ascendancy to the throne, but having done what might have seemed impossible, he is now failing miserably in his bid to remain Prime Minister. Why? It’s all about Kevin and his attitude […]

Are they really asylum seekers?

Are they really asylum seekers? The answer is without doubt, Yes! All of those ending up on Australian soil in an unauthorized fashion are certainly seeking asylum. However as with so many issues, this simple apparently straight-forward question is the wrong question to ask, or maybe not wrong, just incomplete. Arriving by boat or overstaying […]

Beattie recycled – a weight around drowning Labor’s neck.

Former QLD Premier Peter Beattie was drafted by Kevin Rudd not only to win the important marginal QLD seat of Forde, but to also give the whole shot at QLD a boost. While it’s clear the Coalition will likely win the election on the results in NSW, Labor’s only real chance was to turn the […]

Sex appeal, being ‘Left’ without it.

So Tony Abbott, Prime Minister in waiting, notes one of his candidates, Fiona Scott, has sex appeal. Is it really that bad a thing to say, is even bad at all? More elements to this than one article can cover, but let’s do what most in the media and the overall Politically Correct Brigade don’t […]

Peter Beattie – the second coming. WHY?

It’s quite common for a person to move from state parliament into the federal parliament. It’s not even uncommon that a former state Premier is running for the federal parliament, but it is somewhat unusual to do so at the age of 60, having been retired from state parliament for six years. The case of […]

Can Kevin Rudd win on September 7 2013?

When Kevin Rudd seized power from Julia Gillard, it was expected he would call an election that same night – he didn’t, and I was the first commentator to write  why conventional wisdom went out the window on that occasion – See,  “Rudd’s Agenda – why no election date”, also on this blog. So, CAN […]