MUHAMMAD AND ISLAM: Subscribe, Submit or Resist?

Extremism takes many forms, but in the Western world, such is dominated by concern over the followers of Muhammad and Islam, but is there really a problem for Non-Muslims or can Islam peacefully and equally co-exist with Non-Islam?

On one side there is fear, terrorism, mass murder of innocents, beheadings, the slaughter of critics and all opposed, jihadists and inequality even within its own membership. There’s also a general set of rules utterly at odds with everything considered fair and decent and held dear by modern Non-Muslims.

Counter to that are the devout advocates of Islam and its last Prophet, Muhammad, who say such fears are unfounded, that the extremists do not represent Islam. They say Islam is portrayed wrongly, misunderstood and actually, the one true faith, a religion of peace. 

So which is correct? Where are the answers? How does one understand the complexities and distortions created by time and the agendas of many competing interests?

Determining whether or not Islam is a threat to your way of life and what you wish for your loved ones actually hinges on three simple interwoven and indisputable points. However, with all that is written and said on this issue, I’ve never seen or heard such explained.

I cannot over emphasise the need to put yourself in the shoes of a Muslim and consider what they believe, otherwise, what follows may seem improbable, or able to be ignored. To understand Muslims, one must see things as they do!

Point one: Muhammad is the perfect human.

Point two: Muhammad is not just perfect in his own time, but for all time.

Muslims believe Muhammad’s life is an example for all – to copy Muhammad in all things is to lead the most perfect of lives – to do as Muhammad did or said is the very best.

This explains style of dress, beards etc… but more importantly, it also explains things most Non-Muslims find disturbing, including, multiple wives and a propensity for very young brides.

Muhammad married many times and had numerous wives of varying ages at the same time, but the one who prompts the most questions is Aishah – it’s recorded she was six when betrothed and nine when Muhammad consummated the marriage. Modern people have a name for that, but Muhammad lived from 570 to 632 and such things are not accurately or fairly judged through the application of modern standards.

However, remember Point one, Muhammad is perfect, he’s never wrong and the passing of time and the standards of others cannot confer wrong-doing on anything he did, or anything his followers do in copying him. Through Islamic eyes, to do so, is Blasphemy and punishable by death.

Rather than a re-think over time of how humans interact causing certain practices to be outlawed, Muslims aspire to be as much like Muhammad as possible. Bottom line, live your life as closely as you can to Muhammad, a man born in the sixth century. 

Remember, if Muhammad did it, or said it could be done, it is not just ok, but aspired to by good Muslims. Such actions are as relevant today as they were in the year 632 – to say otherwise is blasphemy and life risking.

Millions of people, males essentially, want to live as did their Prophet Muhammad. This explains much that Non-Muslims find unacceptable, so why not just change as times change, why not ‘develop’, why not an evolution of ideas, simple enlightenment – if only. 

Again, understanding why not, means seeing things as Muslims are supposed to see things – there is no reason to change, it’s perfect and any deviation from what Muhammad said and did, is blasphemous – to even suggest any such thing is evil incarnate.

So what about another Prophet with a further message from Allah to up-date things, so to speak? Not possible and why brings us to the third and final point.

Point three: After Muhammad, no more Prophets and no changes.

Whilst there are many Prophets according to Islam, Muhammad is the most important and LAST – he is the Prophet with the marks of all previous Prophets – the most distinguished in every aspect – there’ll be no-one else, for he was granted a Shari’ah (Law) that’s perfect and final and requiring no revision in the days to come.

BTW, it was Muhammad who identified the previous Islamic Prophets, including Moses (red sea), Noah (ark), David (goliath), Adam (first man), John (the Baptist), Jesus (The Christ), being just a few of the names you’d be familiar with, except you maybe didn’t know they’re considered Muslims?

Muhammad, most significant and perfect of all humans, last of the Prophets, provides you with choices, Subscribe or Submit – you may choose to Resist, but just be aware the consequences will be severe, after all, it is still the year 632, remember?  


  1. Barry Grimwade, big cheese · · Reply

    Interesting article David. I don’t think I have ever heard this issue discussed in this way. I look forward to reading further posts.

    1. Thanks Barry – it is actually the factual common sense approach, but my Dad always said, “Common sense is the least common of all the senses”. That might explain why no journo has ever put it as simply as it is.

  2. Colleen · · Reply

    Scary Stuff ! But really enjoyed your insight.

    1. Glad you found it useful Colleen.

  3. Jen3176 · · Reply

    Hope you can continue to keep me “enlightened” regarding this subject!

    1. Be assured Jen, I’ll do what I can to accurately inform – thanks for posting.

  4. Cate K · · Reply

    A really sensible, well considered piece David. No inflammatory language, no judgement, just historical fact.

    1. Thanks Cate – appreciated. I certainly tried to put it together as you described and I believe any reasonable person will judge it as you have.

  5. Dave Shepherd · · Reply

    And every word the truth David. A very good explanation of why Islam cannot co-exist in a progressive western country.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read it and leave a comment Dave – appreciated.

  6. Catherine · · Reply

    Further to your statement that “it was Muhammad who identified the previous ‘Islamic’ Prophets, including Jesus (The Christ)”: I had been told that Muhammad had in fact advised his followers that they should read the “Ingeel”, (which was understood to be the Arabic name for the gospel of Jesus). However, few Muslims take up this recommended challenge. That being the case, its a wonder the emphasis on following Muhammad’s teachings is so rigorously mandated upon if this one is considered arbitrary.

    1. It’s a good point Catherine. I think it likely the injeel is confusing for islam – consider that Muhammad was faced with a need to portray Christian and Jewish historical figures as predecessors also working in Allah’s name. In that he was also faced with the existence of the Torah along with the Gospels prior to his own appearance. Whilst what I have placed here, is a series of indisputable facts, much of what is islam is the stuff of many people’s interpretation – for the most part, muslims are at the mercy of those who interpret islamic teachings. This reliance is further exacerbated through a large percentage of muslims being illiterate, so they are unable to consider such matters for themselves. Having said that, thinking for yourself in such things, interpreting and the like would be unwise for many muslims, given the interpreted strictness of the word. School for thought here might also be the generally accepted view that Muhammad himself didn’t read of write?

  7. Hi David. Great viewpoint. This is a discussion all Australians must have to fully understand what our great country faces with immigration of a certain culture. As the followers of Muhammad must understand – and what you have pointed out – is that a 6th century warlord’s version of society is greatly different to a modern secular non-baised equal opportunity society that treats all fairly. Therefore the two cultures clash, are non-reconciliable and it follows that integration & assimilation does not occur. What follows is an expectation that our society built over 2000 years, must bend to accept a society 600 years old. Our society has been built on both Christian/Judaism religions & accepted common law & other European principles. Both of these religions have been reformed many times over. Islam has not refomed, and cannot because of what you outlined above. So should our society bend completely to adopt Islam so we don’t offend the muslims at every turn? The simplest solution is for our society to not allow muslim immigration simply because we know they won’t integrate or follow our laws or culture and that our society has moved on from a desert based warring culture mirred in the 6th century.

    1. Well Daryl, if only we could get more people to understand that seeing why islam and the 21st century are incompatible is very simple – I’ve explained why, factually and with utter historical accuracy in just 800 words! I haven’t seen that done before and that’s likely part of the problem – commentators have made a very simple matter complex and hence hard to grasp. Once understanding the issue, the next step is, what to do – the answer is in the title, Subscribe, Submit or Resist.

  8. Lena Hammond · · Reply

    Subject: 1400 years of inbreeding

    Interesting article on the effects of multi-generational in-breeding in the middle east, where it is culturally accepted to intra-marry cousins. It is certainly true about animal in-breeding.

    1400 years of in-breeding.

    I’ve seen this first hand in my 3 employment trips to Saudi Arabia. During the pilot transition program with the KV-107 and C-130 with Lockheed, we found that most Saudi pilot trainees had very limited night vision, even on the brightest of moon lit nights. Their training retention rate was minimal, including maintenance personnel. Some had dim memories and had to be constantly reminded of things that were told to them the day before. Needless to say, an American, British or any other western instructor gets burned out pretty quick. It actually took C-130 pilots years before they could fly in the dark safely and then would be reluctant to leave the lights of a city. Ask any Marine, airman or Army guy who’s been trying to train Iraqis and especially Afghans. Islam is not only a religion, it’s a way of life all the way around. Yet another set of revealing facts about Muslim beliefs and traditions and ways of life.
    1400 years of inbreeding.

    I found this to be interesting–didn’t know whether to believe it or not–To research I went to Wikipedia, “Cousin Marriage”, and far down in the article “Genetics”–It seems there is a lot of truth here.

    A huge Muslim problem: Inbreeding.

    Nikolai Sennels is a Danish psychologist who has done extensive research into a little-known problem in the Muslim world: the disastrous results of Muslim inbreeding brought about by the marriage of first-cousins.

    This practice, which has been prohibited in the Judeo-Christian tradition since the days of Moses, was sanctioned by Muhammad and has been going on now for 50 generations (1,400 years) in the Muslim world.

    This practice of inbreeding will never go away in the Muslim world, since Muhammad is the ultimate example and authority on all matters, including marriage.

    The massive inbreeding in Muslim culture may well have done virtually irreversible damage to the Muslim gene pool, including extensive damage to its intelligence, sanity, and health.

    According to Sennels, close to half of all Muslims in the world are inbred. In Pakistan, the numbers approach 70%. Even in England, more than half of Pakistani immigrants are married to their first cousins, and in Denmark the number of inbred Pakistani immigrants is around 40%.

    The numbers are equally devastating in other important Muslim countries: 67% in Saudi Arabia, 64% in Jordan, and Kuwait, 63% in Sudan, 60% in Iraq, and 54% in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

    According to the BBC, this Pakistani, Muslim-inspired inbreeding is thought to explain the probability that a British Pakistani family is more than 13 times as likely to have children with recessive genetic disorders. While Pakistanis are responsible for three percent of the births in the UK , they account for 33% of children with genetic birth defects.

    The risks of what are called autosomal recessive disorders such as cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular atrophy is 18 times higher and the risk of death due to malformations is 10 times higher.

    Other negative consequences of inbreeding include a 100 percent increase in the risk of still births and a 50% increase in the possibility that a child will die during labor.

    Lowered intellectual capacity is another devastating consequence of Muslim marriage patterns. According to Sennels, research shows that children of consanguineous marriages lose 10-16 points off their IQ and that social abilities develop much slower in inbred babies. The risk of having an IQ lower than 70, the official demarcation for being classified as “retarded,” increases by an astonishing 400 percent among children of cousin marriages. (Similar effects were seen in the Pharaonic dynasties in ancient Egypt and in the British royal family, where inbreeding was the norm for a significant period of time.)

    In Denmark, non-Western immigrants are more than 300 percent more likely to fail the intelligence test required for entrance into the Danish army.

    Sennels says that “the ability to enjoy and produce knowledge and abstract thinking is simply lower in the Islamic world.” He points out that the Arab world translates just 330 books every year, about 20% of what Greece alone does.
    In the last 1,200 years of Islam, just 100,000 books have been translated into Arabic, about what Spain does in a single year. Seven out of 10 Turks have never even read a book.

    Sennels points out the difficulties this creates for Muslims seeking to succeed in the West. “A lower IQ, together with a religion that denounces critical thinking, surely makes it harder for many Muslims to have success in our high-tech knowledge societies.”
    Only nine Muslims have ever won the Nobel Prize, and five of those were for the “Peace Prize.” According to Nature magazine, Muslim countries produce just 10 percent of the world average when it comes to scientific research measured by articles per million inhabitants.

    In Denmark, Sennels’ native country, Muslim children are grossly over represented among children with special needs. One-third of the budget for Danish schools is consumed by special education, and anywhere from 51% to 70% of retarded children with physical handicaps in Copenhagen have an immigrant background. Learning ability is severely affected as well. Studies indicated that 64% of school children with Arabic parents are still illiterate after 10 years in the Danish school system. The immigrant drop-out rate in Danish high schools is twice that of the native-born.

    Mental illness is also a product. The closer the blood relative, the higher the risk of schizophrenic illness. The increased risk of insanity may explain why more than 40% of patients in Denmark ‘s biggest ward for clinically insane criminals have an immigrant background.

    The U.S. is not immune. According to Sennels, “One study based on 300,000 Americans shows that the majority of Muslims in the USA have a lower income, are less educated, and have worse jobs than the population as a whole.”
    Sennels concludes:

    There is no doubt that the wide spread tradition of first cousin marriages among Muslims has harmed the gene pool among Muslims. Because Muslims’ religious beliefs prohibit marrying non-Muslims and thus prevents them from adding fresh genetic material to their population, the genetic damage done to their gene pool since their prophet allowed first cousin marriages 1,400 years ago are most likely massive. This has produced overwhelming direct and indirect human and societal consequences.

    Bottom line: Islam is not simply a benign and morally equivalent alternative to the Judeo-Christian tradition. As Sennels points out, the first and biggest victims of Islam are Muslims. Simple Judeo-Christian compassion for Muslims and a common-sense desire to protect Western civilization from the ravages of Islam, dictate a vigorous opposition to the spread of this dark and dangerous religion. These stark realities must be taken into account when we establish public polices dealing with immigration from Muslim countries and the building of mosques in the U.S.

    Let’s hope the civilized West and the North Americans wake up before a blind naiveté about the reality of Islam destroys what remains of our Judeo-Christian culture and our domestic tranquillity.

    …You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. -Ayn Rand

    1. I encourage everyone to take a few moments to read the article, ‘1400 years of in-breeding’ posted by Lena – Marriage to close relatives being an all too common practice in islam. Increased birth defects among muslims, compared to non-muslims, has already been documented in Australia as has the common practice of marrying close blood relatives. Such is typical of tribal cultures – it is often related to an attempt to keep any wealth within the extended Family. In Australia it isn’t illegal to marry your first cousin – such a law hasn’t been required in Australia, but an increasing islamic population may require a re-think on that – trouble is, muslims are able to circumvent marriage laws, so any new law is unlikely to be effective. NOTE: There is a reference in the article of Muhammad’s impact in being the impediment to this issue ever being able to be rectified. Also, with so many being the off-spring of such relationships, imagine the difficulty in convincing large numbers of muslims that there is a problem?

    2. Hi Lena.
      We had first hand experience recently when we needed to visit a local public hospital (Westmead) for our son. One of the questions asked by the doctors were whether or not myself & my wife were related. We both laughed at the doctor and assumed it was a joke – but the doctor was serious & went on to say it was a growing issue. So this is the islamic communities contribution to modern society – inbreeding.

      1. Darryl’s comment refers to an article on intra-family marriage and breeding in islam left in a post by Lena. I have not previously heard of the screening mentioned by Darryl in his experience at Westmead Hospital, but certainly birth defect issues in Western Sydney have been raised by Medical Researchers.

  9. Lena Hammond · · Reply

    I know this is very long, but I couldn’t resist sending it – it’s so true.

  10. “Islam is a religion observed peacefully …by over a billion people.”
    Peacefully ?
    Not in Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, Cyprus, Malaysia, Nigeria, Darfur, Sudan, Somalia, The Philippines, Iran, Iraq, Gaza, Chechnya, Algeria, Yemen, and so on and so on, burning Christians, killing Buddhists, Hindus and ex-Muslims, beheading priests, stoning adulterers, killing daughters, flogging lovers, chopping off hands, mutilating girls and forcing them into marriage, shooting schoolgirls for being unveiled, slitting captives` throats, raping kuffar women, abducting kuffar girls, taking slaves, plundering kuffar property, soldiers firing upon monks in their monastery, the burning of churches,
    temples, schools and houses, and so on, and all in compliance with Islamic
    texts (see
    Not peacefully.
    Islam is observed by over a billion people. Yes.
    Islam has the very unpeaceful DEATH PENALTY for anyone who ceases to be a muslim. This helps secure observance.

    1. Thanks for those salient observations Graeme – witnessed by many and should at least be a wake-up call for the rest, and yet so much trouble getting people to even consider there might be an problem?

  11. TassieRooster · · Reply

    Hi David, I saw you on Sky News Channel the other night & thus heard about your website.

    Mate, my view is that it should be a legal requirement that every elected politician in the Western World should have to read the Koran prior to assuming their duties. If every Western pollie was factually aware of what this “religion” was really all about we’d see some major changes to both foreign policy & immigration policy PDQ. We are being played for mugs & our children will be the ones who pay for our blind ignorance.

    BTW: Regarding inbreeding as mentioned in the above comments; Another common result of intergeneration inbreeding is a general lowering of self-control & a far greater than normal propensity for violent rage. Sound like any group we know?

    1. Thanks for your view Tassie – appreciated. I understand your point and one would hope such required reading would convey meaningful knowledge. Have not however made up my mind as to whether the powers at be are really that uninformed, or whether in true political style, they’re simply avoid truth, action, confrontation and consequences. I mean realistically, they wouldn’t even need to read the koran – even just here, my article, Lena’s post on inbreeding research along with being awake should be enough to get them digging deeper. Politicians live by the notion of, ‘get through today, today – get through tomorrow, tomorrow’. It’s always a matter of just getting through what’s personally in front of them – it’s never about resolving anything other than for appearances. With all of us, Government plays and endless game of smoke and mirrors.

      Yes, your BTW does sound like a certain group.

  12. Thanks David

    Islam is not just a religion; it is a political-judicial-cultural ideology as defined by the quran, sira and hadith as implemented under Islamic sharia law. Islam makes political aims a religious duty. Nearly 1400 years of history are witness to Islam’s expansion and progress toward its stated goal to replace or subjugate anything non-Islamic; to spread Islam across the globe. Wherever Islam thrives, a state within a state develops and the existing government and unbelieving (kuffir, infidel) culture is rejected. Islamic minorities grow in a host country until it can conquer, by political or violent means, replacing the established government with sharia.

    We cannot extend our tolerance to Islam’s intolerance.

  13. Johnk229 · · Reply

    You could certainly see your skills within the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who arent afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.

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