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Marriage and the Family

Family, cornerstone of a Civilised Society – I wrote this as a speech 17/11/2004 – nothing has changed. The Hon. DAVID OLDFIELD  [10.23 p.m.]: This week my wife, Lisa, and I had the privilege of meeting the President of the New South Wales branch of the Australian Family Association, Mrs Mary-Louise Fowler. Mary-Louise and many […]

Israel’s historic right to existence

I wrote this speech in 2004 when I was a Member of Parliament. It’s as current now as it was then. I look forward to your comments. The Hon. DAVID OLDFIELD [3.14 a.m.]: The recent mysterious death of Yasser Arafat may be construed by some to create even greater instability in the Middle East. However, […]

Freedom of Speech: Who advocates it – Who suppresses it.

My experience in politics tells me that not a lot of people truly advocate freedom of speech. Some, kind of support it, others support freedom of speech/views with which they agree and still others I have known seem to believe freedom of speech relates simply to them having a say. The importance of genuine freedom […]

MUHAMMAD AND ISLAM: Subscribe, Submit or Resist?

Extremism takes many forms, but in the Western world, such is dominated by concern over the followers of Muhammad and Islam, but is there really a problem for Non-Muslims or can Islam peacefully and equally co-exist with Non-Islam? On one side there is fear, terrorism, mass murder of innocents, beheadings, the slaughter of critics and […]

Rudd’s Agenda, no election date – the article newspapers wouldn’t print

I wrote this the day after K Rudd once again became Prime Minister – explained then as now why he didn’t nominate an election date. Whether it was in the dead of night or the cold harsh light of a Canberra day, the deal was done and the Lodge has changed hands. The Hon Kevin […]