I’ve been mentioning this fraud for many years – here it is, all covered in one article. As you’ll see, ‘indigenous’, is cleverly used to assist the discrimination agenda being committed against the vast majority of Australians.  Indigenous, the word the left Stole. You’ll have likely heard, “the pen is mightier than the sword” – […]

NOTE: I originally wrote this for the Daily Telegraph, but understandably, Bush Fire reporting took priority and it didn’t go to print. Asylum Seekers giving Refugees a bad name. Thinking back to WWII, there’s plenty for much of the world to be ashamed of in the way non-combatants were treated, especially Jewish people subject to […]

Tony Abbott has found himself the focus of various false accusations regarding his purported views on women. Much of this was simply an easy assault undertaken because his opponent was a woman (Julia Gillard) and in desperation, she began to play the gender card. As expected, Julia Gillard’s lack of voter support led to her […]

If you saw my article in the Daily Telegraph on Thursday, or studied my other articles, you’ll know I’ve believed for a very long time the Coalition would win and hence Tony Abbott would be the next PM, but win by how much? How close will this election be? Last Sunday night, I did an […]

1994 … Me, far right, with Tony Abbott, John Hewson, John Howard and Bronwyn Bishop during Abbott’s 1994 election campaign / Pic: Supplied Source: News Limited This article first appeared in The Daily Telegraph Thursday September 5, 2013. BY 7:30 pm Saturday September 7, for all intents and purposes, Tony Abbott will be Prime Minister […]

In short, the answer is yes, but you probably think I’m talking about the Asylum class Tourists taking advantage of our open borders, and mostly I’m not. While I believe a Coalition Government will take more serious steps to stop boat arrivals, and there are many things that can be done in that area, what […]

For three years Kevin Rudd ran a well co-ordinated and successful campaign to destroy PM Julia Gillard, so as to allow his own re-ascendancy to the throne, but having done what might have seemed impossible, he is now failing miserably in his bid to remain Prime Minister. Why? It’s all about Kevin and his attitude […]